Thursday, May 28, 2009

Accommodations Are Part of the Answer

Accommodations Are Part of the Answer

My 16 year old came in from school and didn’t say a word. Then at 4 o’clock she tells me the Algebra teacher would not let them use the calculator on the Final. The calculators were getting stolen. Every year we go through this. Everyone knows she has to use a calculator. It is critical for students with Aspergers to use their accommodations and to use them consistently. This is so important for their success in school and out of school.

Anyway I luckily got the principal at 4pm. He said to come in the first thing in the morning and she would be able to retake it with the calculator. The present principal was the vice principal and really worked with me when the 20 year old was at this high school. He is also more than helpful with the 16 year old. Building relationships before you need them is another technique which can save time and in the long run money.

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