Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Autism and The Bathtub

One of my daughters has a problem once or twice a year. During the night she does not make it to the bathroom fast enough, if at all. Last night was one of those nights. When I got up in the morning I had some cleaning up to do. As I am sitting on the edge of the tub I am reaching down and around the toilet to clean while talking.

My child wants to know if she is in trouble. I keep telling her no. In her wonderfully autistic way she keeps asking. We talk about the movie we saw last night. I am concentrating on keeping her calm and reach way too far. And I fall into the bathtub! Butt first! I am sitting there with my feet in the air and first I think, did I hurt anything? I am no small woman, but I think no.

Then I think with…did I mention…with my feet in the air, how am I going to get out of here? I certainly do not want to have to call the firemen to come get me! All this time I am trying to keep a young adult with autism, my child, calm. Well I finally figure out how to wiggle myself to the side and get on my knees and get out.

By now my daughter and I are laughing. What else am I to do? Another day in the life of a parent of a child with autism!

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