Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Autism and Obsession

Autism and Obsessions

Dominoe used to save bottles of Coke. Then I didn’t realize how that was a characteristic of someone with autism. She would line them up in her room so she could see them. It got to be gross though. The half drank bottles started to have mold in them. I finally had to tell her she could not do that. I did let her keep the bottle caps though.

So for awhile we had 100’s of bottle caps, especially the red Coke ones. Then she got tired of those.

Then it was ink pens. She would go crazy for a pen. People would give them too her all the time. She still has some of them.

Now it is make up. She has drawers of make up. And she wants to buy more. At least it is age appropriate for her at 21.

I always remember these things when I hear other people talk about their child who has Autism’s obsessions. Sometime parents talk about how it interferes with other activities. We never really had that problem. Well except for moldy Coke! My child was still in high school when she collected pens so she wrote with them. The make up is ok. She hardly wears it. She just saves it.

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