Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Places to Get Equipment and Therapy

Of course there are the typical systems for people to get equipment. It is possible to get medically necessary equipment with a prescription through Medicaid if your family qualifies. Unfortunately to qualify your family is usually poor. You may be surprised at what your states definition is of ‘poor’. Some states also have a system that some parents can ‘buy’ into Medicaid when they have a child with a disability.

In Louisiana a person automatically gets Medicaid if they receive Social Security (SSI). In other states there are two separate processes. Some people can have insurance and Medicaid. The private insurance is the primary and Medicaid is the secondary. It gets complicated and requires strict attention to the paperwork but it is possible to get equipment this way.

Your state also has an office responsible for, as much as I hate to use this term, Mental Retardation. It is called different things in Louisiana it is called the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities (OCDD). In some sections of Louisiana it can also be found in the Human Services District Office. This is another resource for equipment. These offices have a small amount of money that can be allocated, at times, for equipment or therapy for your child.

Parents have discovered another way to get equipment that they need for their children is to trade equipment with other families. Some trade groups just put up what they have to give and let anyone else that needs that equipment or tool get it. Other groups have a point system and keep track in some way of what they trade. Sort of like a babysitting co op. The secretary usually gets a small amount with each exchange for doing the math and recordkeeping. This system appeals to some people because they get ‘value’ for what they have. Other people don’t care.

Out of The Ordinary Places to Get...

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