Friday, July 17, 2009

5 Easy Techniques for Parents Coping with Autism

One of the first ways a parent of a child with autism or aspergers can cope is to take care of themselves. Parents of children who have autism are hard workers and engaged parents. Although this is a wonderful characteristic of parents in general, it can also be one of a parent of a child with Autism/Aspergers worst enemy. Because autism and aspergers can take over the family life it is important to do those little things for yourself and each other every day. It does not have to be something big.

The second way a parent can cope with raising a child with autism or aspergers is to use local support groups. Since people seem to be social creatures in general, it should come as no surprise at how important it is to have some one to talk to. Preferably someone who at least has some idea what we are going through. This is where support groups like the Autism Society come in. These groups provide the perfect opportunity to discuss, vent, or problem solve with people.

The third way a parent can cope is to use internet opportunities. Several internet techniques are available to parents. A parent can belong to an internet group/list to have someone to talk to via email. There are also discussion boards centered around children with autism. These options are much more readily available to parents in the middle of the night.

Surprisingly accepting help is probably one of the hardest ways for a parent to learn how to cope. It is also the forth way to cope on our list. We just naturally do not want the bother of having people so intimately involved in our lives. It is difficult in learning how to have helpers or personal care attendants in our homes on a regular or even occasional basis.

The final item on our list is easier. Consider the other people in our lives. We need to have an idea of how people can help us. Many times people will tell each other “Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.” Having some ideas ready is a technique people can use. If you are a single mom do you need the grass mowed? Or would it help if someone took your younger child for a couple of hours once a week so you could spend some quality time with one child or another? Do you need someone to pick up milk or a few things at the grocery store today?

This is a simple list of some of the ways parents can cope with the issues around raising a child with ask. It is by no means a comprehensive list. Some of the items on the list are easy and quick to start implementing. Others may take longer. All of them can and are implemented every day.


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