Sunday, July 5, 2009

Indespensible Tips When Raising Children With Autism, A Little Something Extra

 Use schedules. My children-all of them-knew what time we got up and what time we took a bath. My child with autism had visual schedules for her day. She also had a visual schedule for individual tasks. My child with asbergers understood time if I had a digital clock. She knew what time things were supposed to happen. This also gave us the opportunity to discuss what was happening if we were going to deviate from the schedule. We are a real live family and that happens sometimes.
 First look towards changing the environment when trying to work through a problem. Changing the environment is many times the easiest solution. We, the adults, are smarter than they are!
 Work with your child to learn to complete single steps. There is no point in frustrating you or them until they can “put this in the trash”.
 Sometime we have to get up and model the behavior or action we want to see. Words are not enough. Children on the autism spectrum need to see and feel what should happen.
 If you have siblings of children with autism a good rule of thumb is ‘Everyone has to do what they can do.’ This gives all of the children the opportunity to be part of the team, your family. Then we all accomplish the tasks necessary to family life.
 Children with autism and other disabilities do not seem to have the positive self talk others have. Remember and talk to them about past good accomplishments so they will remember. Celebrate all those little things!

A Little Something Extra to Think About…

Children with autism and other disabilities have short attention spans. It is one of those characteristics which seem to cross disabilities. Obsessive compulsive disorders and a tic disorder are two others. These also seem to be characteristics which show up in siblings and/or parents.

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