Saturday, October 24, 2009

Discussing Autism Types

There are many autism types. When people typically think about autism, they think about people who are non verbal or people who have savant like abilities. Athough these are two types are important autism types there is more to it than this.

Autism is considered a spectrum disorder. What this means is that people on this spectrum can be at any point. Some have speech and some only have some speech. Many people with autism have conversational and public speaking abilities.

It is a disservice to think that people with autism are all one way or another. Just as many people with autism have savant abilities as not. Those abilities can also be in a variety of subjects.

To further complicate the topic of autism types is the problem of co occurring disorders. Disabilities like ADHD and cognitive disabilities can complicate autism. Another complication that can make a person with autism seen to have more problems is sensory integration problems. If the sensory integration problem is severe enough the person with autism will seem to be unable to communicate. This is because of the pain they experience in what we consider a normal day.

Hopefully you can see that autism types is a complicated subject. Whether autism, aspergers or pervasive developmental delays is important to people as a more definitive diagnosis. Then of course knowing and understanding the co occurring disorders is imperative.

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