Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dominoe, Autism, and Money

or a long time I have known that Dominoe does not have any idea about money. On the other hand she always surprises me….

She came running into the living room yesterday morning. She says you only gave me five dollar.

Let me explain. I don’t cook. I give her spending money from her check everyday to eat and buy stuff she wants. When she runs out of money I give her money anyway.

Well, I told Dominoe no that was her regular amount of money. She says but I want to buy another jacket. Yesterday, she came home with a matching jacket and pants.

It was time to investigate. I went to the PCA and asked where the money had come from for the jacket and pants. This PCA is young and they go to young people’s stores. Remember Dominoe is 21 now. Anyway the PCA started laughing. She said they had seen the clothes and Dominoe had told her(the PCA) she wanted to get them. The PCA told her that she did not have enough money. The PCA tells me (laughing) that when they got home Dominoe started pulling a dollar from here and five dollars from there. Dominoe kept asking if that was enough!

You see I usually give her enough money to get up to a certain amount each day. So if she has extra money I just put enough to get her to that amount. This has been going on for years and years. I am just tickled to death that she decided to hide her extra money.

And yes I gave her extra money for the jacket she was after. (So much for the budget.)

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