Saturday, October 3, 2009

My 15 Yr Olds Post About Autism

Another name for AUTISM is Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). PDD is the same thing as autism but in a more proper language. Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) is a name for all kinds of autism.
Autism seems to affect more on boys than girls. The reason it affects more boys than girls is not yet proven. Stuff like family income doesn’t usually affect a child with autism.
One symptom of autism is pretend play. Another symptom is social interactions. A third symptom is verbal and non-verbal communication. Another is repeated bodily movements. One other one is if they show unusual attachment to an object.
Have you heard of the MMR Vaccine? Well I have, and most parents believe it causes autism in children. The only proof parents have is around the time the vaccine was given autism increased tremendously. Doctors think it was only a coincidence that it increased around that time but parents seriously don’t agree.
There are a lot of different treatment options for different types of autism but I’m just going to name a few. One is medication. Two is (ABA) Applied Behavior Analysis. Three is Occupational Therapy (OP). Four is Physical Therapy (PT). The last one I’m going to name is Speech-Language Therapy (SLT).
Medicine is used for a lot of things but I’m only going to name a few. One is mood swings. Another is tantrums my sister has them a lot. Another is outburst. Another is sleep difficulties which my sister has a lot and so do I. One other one is anxiety. One last one is Hyperactivity which me and my sister both have.
Complications can be caused by a few things which I’m about to name. One complication can be caused by Fragile X Syndrome. Another complication is Mental Retardation or some people call it a mental illness. The last complication I can think of is Tuberous Sclerosis.
Autism is been proven to be inherited by other family members. Take identical twins for instance if one has it so will the other. Which is really sad because they both have to have the same everything in every way? The risk of having a second child with the same disorder is very low but it’s possible. So watch it carefully.
Autism can improve over time with treatment and age. With some kids it might not though. With some children modifications have to be made because of the illness. But others get at least a little bit better over their life span and some get all the way better.

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