Saturday, November 14, 2009

Four Basic Rules of Social Engagement for Children with Autism

Children with Autism have little ability to navigate social situations but with a little work and reinforcement they can learn some basic rules. Social manipulation is even harder so should be avoided at all costs. Children with autism do not have to be the same as typical children. And I would not want my child to be like a typical child. She would lose qualities that I love about her. Anyway Four Basic Rules:

1. Keep your promises or do not make a promise. Do not promise if you can not do it or even if you are not sure you can do it. If the promise is to keep a secret do it. The only time to break a promise is if someone is going to die. Then you must tell.

2. You may not think anyone is uglier than you, dumber than you, or anything like that. You may not guess why someone is doing something and hold it against them. Even if you know you must stay away from the situation. You may not make fun of someone.

3. Be thankful for everything you get. Someone worked hard for the money or stuff you get. People go out of their way to do favors for you. Repay your favors many times over.

4. Do not make trouble. Do your work. Once again keep your promises. Do what you do well. Do not break the law or the rules. Other people may follow you

Yes I realize all these rules are easier said than taught. We automatically do it with typical children. We just have to take a more direct approach with children with autism.

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