Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Child with Aspergers

Aspergers is much harder to understand than Autism in many ways. My child with Aspergers is so much harder for people to understand. She talks like other children. People don’t see the way she acts or speaks rudely to other children and adults as part of her disability. It is though.

Typically Aspergers is a disability that is not diagnosed until later as a child is a teenager. Because of this there is the probability that there will be a lot of misunderstanding before the diagnosis. There is also a lot of opportunity for bullying in this type of situation. Some children feel justified in bullying a child with Aspergers because they can be so unpleasant. Other children do not understand that these children do not understand.

Some of the things to watch out with this disorder are social confusion, fixation with a specific subject, problems with change or transitions, and difficulty understanding other people’s motivations. Many of these are the same problems a person with Autism can have. Because someone with Aspergers have better control than someone with Autism you might not even realized they are fixated on a subject.

Some of the same techniques that are used with a child with autistic behaviors can be adapted for the child with Aspergers. Many times I thing of these two disorders the same because they are considered part of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In some ways one is easier than the other. One is more noticeable and sometimes easier to get help for. One speaks more and is easier to reason with. On the other had that one argues more. Life with Autism and Aspergers is definitely interesting.

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