Friday, November 20, 2009

Lotion and Autism

As I have mentioned before I actually have two daughters on the Autism Spectrum. The second daughter has Aspergers. Some times I still miss things with her.

She has been complaining about paper cuts over the past few days. When I would had her a paper she would fuss about not getting cut. I finally focused on it in the car this morning. I offered her some lotion. She said no. In her typical one word way of talking. Like a good mommy I explained that the reason she was getting paper cuts might be because her skin was so dry. Again in that typical autistic fashion she grunted no.

I had to think about it for a few minutes. Finally I thought about the smell and asked her if it was the smell of the lotion. Smells really bother this child. Does that happen with any of you who have children with autism? Finally she grunted yes.

This one took some fast thinking as we were getting close to school. Finally I came up with the idea of putting odorless chap stick on my hand and then rubbing her hands with them. Did I mention she also can not stand greasy things on her hands? Any way she finally agreed.

I have not had any complaints of paper cuts since then. At least one problem solved.

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